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Mission and Values

Our Mission

With compassion and dignity our highly committed employee owners enable and support people to live at home and connect with their community.

Our Vision

Building a successful, financially viable business which is well respected within the social care sector.

Our Values

In fulfilling our mission and vision, we will consider these guiding principles when implementing solutions and developing the services we deliver.

  • Our employee ownership structure is fundamental to who and what we are. We will ensure that our employee owners (or colleagues) are effectively involved in guiding their business for the future and ultimately will fairly share in the profits.
  • We maintain and develop a well-trained and disciplined colleague workforce who are capable of delivering the highest quality care to those we serve in an efficient, effective and professional manner.
  • We seek to constantly adapt to the changing needs of those who commission and use our services.
  • We will continue to build a collaborative partnership with Alzheimer’s Scotland, our largest shareholder. Thus, ensuring we remain their provider of choice for care at home services in the geographies in which we operate. Dementia specific care will always remain at the heart of the services we provide.
  • We will foster effective and cooperative working relationships with our partners such as integration authorities (Jibs) and other partners through which we deliver our services.