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Our History

In April 2017, Caledonia Social Care took over the running of Alzheimer Scotland’s care at home services and their care at home staff.  All the staff who transferred over were already supporting the clients who transferred meaning there was no disruption to the support they received. 

Given the genesis of Caledonia Social Care, delivery of dementia specific care will always be at the heart of what we do and will continue this going forward alongside a broad range of other health and social care needs.  Our employee’s background and training is in dementia care, have many transferrable skills and can also support many other care needs without a diagnosis of dementia such as people with learning disabilities and autism.

We have a strong collaborative partnership with Alzheimer Scotland who remain a significant shareholder.  We will continue to deliver the same excellence in dementia care at home as Alzheimer Scotland.  We continue to implement those same high standards in all areas of care we provide. 

Our Managing Director, Operations Director, administration staff and Care & Support Managers were all previously employed by Alzheimer Scotland as is the vast majority of our support staff.  We have embarked on the start up of Caledonia Social Care with a vast wealth of experience and knowledge and this coupled with the hard work and dedication of our employees, our values and our passion will endeavor us to give the possible support and improve the lives of the people who use our service.