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Kevin Craik Chair

Kevin has always worked in the finance field and was at Alzheimer Scotland for 10 years as Director of Finance until July 2021, before moving to his current role of Director of Finance and Operations at Myeloma UK. Kevin has been a member of our Board since the start in 2017 and was a Trustee of Caledonia Social Care from the start in 2017 until his election as Chair in 2022.

Kevin Craik

Derek Oliver Managing Director

Having had family experience of dementia, Derek was keen to work directly with people living with the illness. Undertaking many roles in his career with the organisation including time as a senior home support worker, self-directed support (SDS) advisor and being a practice team leader has enabled Derek to experience the positive impact person centred support can have on a person with dementia and their family.

Derek Oliver

Stuart Robertson Operations Director

Stuart has worked in the social care environment for the last 18 years and qualified as a RMN in 2001. Taking on this exciting challenge with Caledonia Social Care, Stuart has worked in variety roles including Support Worker, Team Leader, Project Manager and Service Manager with Alzheimer Scotland.

Stuart Robertson

David Mason Non-Executive Director

David joined the board in May 2019. He has worked in senior leadership roles in a wide range of sectors, from retail to financial services and from manufacturing to hospitality. Since ‘retiring’ he has set up his own leadership consultancy and is currently qualifying as an Executive Coach. David is an advocate of lifelong learning – and he continues to learn from his coaching clients in every session!

David Mason

Donna Wilson Employee Elected Board Member

Donna started with Alzheimer Scotland in 2014 before moving over to Caledonia Social Care. Donna is a Social Care Worker for the Falkirk service and was elected by her colleagues to represent them on the Company Employee Forum and on the Board of Directors.

Donna Wilson

David Robertson Employee Elected Board Member

David is a Social Care Worker for Glasgow Services and has been with the organisation since 2018. David came to us from a very different background, having never previously worked in the care sector. David was elected by his colleagues to represent them on the Board and the employee forum.

David Robertson

Victoria Hoolahan Employee Elected Trustee

Victoria started with Alzheimer Scotland in 2007 before moving over to Caledonia Social Care in 2017. Victoria is our HR Officer and one of our Trustee's, having been elected by her colleagues to represent them on the Company Employee Forum.